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  • Sambodh Foundation, Chennai organises regular programmes every year in connection with the visit of Pujya Swami Bodhananda.

    The programmes includes lectures series on Vedantic topics, management lectures, and seminars. Sri S Gopalakrishnan, former CGM, Karnataka Telecom, is the Programme Coordinator of Sambodh Chennai.


    Sambodh Chennai started its activities in April 2011 with the book release function of the book "Mahabharata and Management" co-authored by Swami Bodhananda and R Narayanan. The Book was released by N Gopalaswami, the former Chief Election Commssioner of India. The first copy was received during the occasion, by Dr SS Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus of Sankara Netralaya. Click here for the Flyer


    Another programme jointly organised with Madras Management Association in 2011 was a lecture on "Indian Wisdom and Modern Management" at Hotel Deccan Plaza. Sri KM Padhmanabhan, Director Prerana Educational Media Pvt. Ltd presided the function. Click here for the Flyer


    "Seven Hindu Spiritual Laws" was the topic for the lecture series by Swami Bodhananda, in 2012, and the lectures were held at Chettinard Harishree Vidyalaya in RA Puram. Apart from other lectures a public lecture was organised on the topic "Why bad things happen to good people" at Abhinav Eye Clinic in Adyar. Click here for the 2013 Flyer. In 2013, the spiritual talks by Swami Bodhananda on Ísavashya Upanishad were organised in February  at Ramana Kendra, Alamelumangapuram, Chennai. On Feb 2.He addressed the Madras Management Association, Chennai, at their annual convention on the topic "Reinventing India – Responding to India’s social challenges". The lecture series for 2015 was on the topic of "Hindu Dharma for Modern Living". Along with this series of lectures, morning meditation was also organised. And the venue was Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, in Mylapore, Chennai.

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    The lecture series by Swami Bodhananda in 2016 was inaugurated by Dr MS Swaminathan, Emeritus Founder Director, MSSSRF, Chennai. The topic was "Moksha Sastra". Sambodh Chennai, also organises charity programmes, and regular Vednta lecture classes. Click here for the Flyer


    Three day Seminar in Chennai - "Celebrating Diversity: Actionable Values For Management And Leadership In India"
    23-25 February 2017.

    An intensive Seminar will be organised intended to explore the conflicts and complementaries in Indian Tradition and Modern thought and practices in an effort to offer actionable solutions to the challenges of emerging India. The Seminar theme is "Celebrating Diversity: Actionable Values For Management And Leadership In India". Her Excellency Kiren Bedi Lt.Governor,Pondicherry will inaugurate the Seminar on 23-02-2017 at 10 AM. The venue is Hotel Regenta Central Plaza.
    The focus themes of the Seminar will be a) Inter-Faith b) Management, and c) Indian Darsana/ Sastra: Tradition and Modernity. India has adopted the western ideas and institutions like parliamentary democracy, market capitalism, secularism, GDP growth, scientific temper and rational solutions to human problems and in the process finds it difficult to connect these ideas with traditional Indian ethos. This session will try to find traditional roots for modern India by interpreting Indian Darsana.


    Her Excellency Kiren Bedi Lt.Governor Puducherry will inaugurate the Seminar, on 23rd February 2017


    Sri S. Gopalakrishnan is Chairman of the Seminar Committe.For more details of the Seminar, Call 9500068798

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  • 25 Years of Bodhananda Seva Society

  • Bodhananda Seva Society, completed 25 years of spiritual service in 2016, guided and inspired by its propounder and Paramacharya Swami Bodhananda.  BSS celebrated its Silver Jubilee from 2015-2016 with various programmes. Year-long events were organised as part of the silver jubilee celebrations. The celebration was officially inaugurated on July 11, 2015.

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    New Delhi

    Sambodh Foundation, India is a not-for-profit charity and spiritual organisation, that works for social, and spiritual uplift, inspired by the vision and teachings of its preceptor, Swami Bodhananda. Read More

  • Lecture on "...Reflection on the Continuity of Life" by Swami Bodhananda (at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on 26 March 2016). Watch the Full Video

    Lecture on "Spirituality and Leadership" by Swami Bodhananda (at All India Management Association, New Delhi, on 18 March 2016).
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    Sambodh Centre for Human Values, and Sambodh Centre for Living Values are the two Sambodh Centres in Bangalore dedicated to charity, spiritual and ecological activities.

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    Bodhananda International Foundation for Interreligious dialogue (BIFIRD), Ernakulam, is a think tank and Forum for votaries of different belief systems, perspectives and world views to meet and engage in constructive conversation.

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    Visionary Leadership

    • It is Gurudev's vision and inspiring spiritual guidance that gave rise to the idea of 'Bodhananda Research Foundation for Management and Leadership Studies' in 1988, to foster human potential development, and to develop leadership through dialogue, in management. BRF-ML was formally registered as a Trust in 1995.

      Swami Bodhananda is the spiritual guidance and inspiration for Sambodh and its sister institutions in India, North America and the rest of the world. Programs and projects for the study and propagation of Vedantic Scriptures, research on Indian management and contextulaising it in the contemporary economic and geopolitical context, ashrams to set our minds high and meditate in unison with the harmony of mother nature, living with nature, social service activities for the minorities and underprivileged - all these are blooms of His divine vision flowing through His devotees and associates in different parts of the world.

    • Apart from His erudition in Vedantic texts, Swami Bodhananda is a well known management guru.. He is an avid reader and is well-versed with the contemporary challenges that the corporate leadership and corporate management face. The Gita and ManagementSwami Bodhananda is the author of several books: His latest book is Indian Management and Leadership. Other books include The Gita and Management; Meditation: The Awakening of Inner Powers; Happiness Unlimited; Seven Hindu Spiritual Laws; and, Management and Mahabharata. He has also authored two conversation-styled books, one with a scholar of consciousness studies in India, and the other with a young Indian-American lawyer in the United States. These books are “Dialogues: Philosopher meets Seer” (2001) and “Irreverent Spiritual Questions” (2004).

    • The range of topics Swami Bodhananda addresses extends from human potential development, managerial excellence and leadership studies to the experience of "absolute peace in the midst of dynamic activity". Here are selections from, the papers and thoughts He has written at various occasions; Travelogues; Thematic Notes; correspondence and discussions between Gurudev and His devotees through letters and meetings, public interviews and media reports; Messages that Gurudev writes on occasions of spiritual and cultural importance. READ MORE

      The divine and spiritual presence of our Guru invokes an inner and self-giving motivation in us to come out of ruts and stereotypes, conflicts and dilemmas, and to experience the full flowering of the spirit. To follow the sacred footsteps, the divya-paada, of the Guru is to travel to the abode of the Ultimate Truth.