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  • Bodhananda Sruti Seva Trust , a registered charitable Trust established in 1999 is engaged in several humanitarian and spiritual activities with the guidance and blessings of our Guru Pujya Swami Bodhananda.

    The Bodhananda movement started at Ernakulam in the year 1994 with the formation of Bodhananda Seva Society ( Regd No. 108/94) with Sri. S Ananthasubramania Iyer ( Retd. Dist Judge ) as President, Sri K Vidyadharan Thampi as Secretary, Sri P S Radhakrishnan as Jt. Secretary and Dr.Sumam Nair as Treasurer. Later this movement evolved into the Bodhananda Sruti Seva Trust, as guided by Poojya Swamiji in a meeting held at ’Geetanjali, ‘Broadway ,Ernakulam ( Residence of Dr P K KarunakaraPillai ) on 28.02.1999 and the Trust was constituted on 26.03.1999. Dr. P K Karunakara Pillai, Sri B Das and Smt Padma Nayar were the founder Trustees. Subsequently a board of Trustees was formed as follows: Chairman : Swami Bodhananda Sarasvati President : Dr. P K Karunakara Pillai Vice Presidents : Sri B Das & Sri Krishna Vijoy Arora Secretary : Sri S Ayyappan Pillai Jt. Secretary : Sri P G Pillai Treasurer : Smt Padma Nayar Jt. Treasurer : Smt V V Pushpalatha Trustees : Sri T P B Panicker, Dr. K G Nayar and Smt Lalitha Pillai The Regd. office functioned at “Bhadra”, Vazhakkala, Thrikkakkara P.O. (Residence of Dr. K G Nayar and Smt Padma Nayar) Sri S Ayyappan Pillai and Sri P S Radhakrishnan took over as President and Secretary of the Trust on 15th April 2007 as decided by the Executive Committee meeting held on 28.02.2007 presided over by Poojya Swamiji. Later in a meeting held on 30.01.2010 , Swami Bodhananda nominated Sri B R Ajit as the President of the trust and Sri S Ayyappan Pillai was made the Working President.

    In the year 2000, the trustees of VidyaKuteeram (Onamkuttichira Road, Chottanikkara P O) decided to donate its property to Bodhananda Sruti Seva Trust. Smt N Ammukutty Amma, Nellikkappillil, and Sri Appu Menon, brother of Smt Ammukutty Amma were among those who took the initiative. Smt Radha Nambiar (presently Swamini Ma Jyotirmayi) played a pivotal role in this donation. The name of the ashram was changed to Bodhananda Vidya Kuteeram and poojas started there on a regular basis. Later the name of the ashram was changed to Sree Bodhananda Sreevidya Peetham.


    In 2005, Sri Krishna Vijoy Arora passed away and his collection of over 4000 books on Vedanta and other Indian tradition were donated to BSST by his family. On 21st May 2006, the Krishna Vijoy Arora Memorial Library was opened at Chottanikkara.

    On 14th April 2016, Bodhananda International Foundation for Inter Religious Dialogue( BIFIRD ) was inaugurated at Silversand Island,Vyttila on land donated by Sri B R Ajit in the fond memory of his father, the late Sri K B Unnithan. Subsequently the Regd office of the Bodhananda Sruti Seva Trust and the Krishna Vijoy Arora Memorial Library were shifted to BIFIRD.


    Current Leadership of BSST
    The present set up of the Trust is as follows:
    Chairman : H H Swami Bodhananda Sarasvati
    Patrons : Dr. P K KarunakaraPillai, Sr iSusil Kumar Arora, Sri P G Pillai, Sri Sathish Mittal,Sri E R Menon, Dr P Sreekumar, Sri S Ayyappan Pillai, Sri T P B Panicker, & Smt Pushpa Arora
    President : Sri B R Ajit
    Vice President : Smt Padma Nayar and Sri M K Ranjit
    Secretary : Sri P S Radhakrishnan
    Jt . Secretary : Sri K S Sasidharan
    Treasurer : Sri K N Anilkumar
    Jt. Treasurer : Smt Ammu Ajit
    Other Trustee Mmbers : Sri K Muralidharan, Dr. Prakash Chandran, Sri M V Padmakumar, Dr. Sreekumari, Sri K T Mohanan, Sri V N Chandrahohan, Smt Meena Viswanathan, Sri Arun L Menon and Sri S Kesavankutty Nair.


    We organize annual Geeta Gnana Yajnas and Lecture series conducted by Pujya Swami Bodhananda in various parts of Cochin.Regular annual programmes are organised in the Ashram for the distribution of uniforms, umbrellas, bags etc to students studying in Govt school, Chottanikkara. We have been extending financial support and educational aid to financially weak students for more than a decade with the mission of preventing dropouts at high school level. We have also been extending financial aid towards meeting medical needs of the needy.


    From 2000- 2010, every year we organized the MammenMappillai Memorial Lecture on Economics, Management and Leadership as part of Rishi Vision (during Swamiji’s visit to Ernakulam ). Eminent personalities like Justice P K Mohan, Smt Lakshmi Venkatesh, Sri Gurcharan Das, Sri A Damodaran, Dr. P C Alexander, Sri K T Balakrishnan IAS, Sri C V Ananda Bose IAS, Sri Narendar Pani and Dr B P Mathur delivered the memorial lectures. The late Dr K G Nayar was the key person in organizing these management programmes. The past programmes also include seminars on Mahabharata and Chanakya’s Arthasasthra.

    The late Dr K G Nayar was instrumental in organizing several management talks by Poojya Swamiji in various reputed organizations like The Kochi Refineries Ltd, The Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd, The Cochin University of Science and Technology, The Cochin Shipyard Ltd, State Bank of India, The Kerala Management Association etc. We also organise interactive seminars and Management talks by Gurudev in various Institutions and Companies in Ernakulam like, Kochi Refineries, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, F.A.C.T., Hindustan Insecticides, Cochin Shipyard, Hindustan organic Chemicals etc.

    Various spiritual programmes are being conducted at the Ashram on a regular basis at the Vidya Peetam such as: Siva Sakthi Archana on all Amavasi and Pournami days; Ganesa Gayathri Archana on the 1st Tuesday of every month; Navagraha Pooja on all Second Saturdays; and Siva Sahasranama Archana on Pradosham day. Apart from these regular programmes, we also celebrate our Guru Pujya Swami Bodhananda's birthday, Navarathri,Gurupoornima, Ashtami Rohini,Geeta Day, Rama Navami, Sivarathri etc with chantings,poojas and archanas.

    Inter-faith Dialogue, Lectures and Cultural Programmes at BIFIRD, Vyttila
    BIFIRD organized an inter-faith meet and dialogue on 25.12.2015 at BTH, Ernakulam during Poojya Swamiji’s visit during December 2015. The speakers were Poojya Swamiji, Prof K V Thomas M P , Sri M A Arif MLA,Fr. Robin Kannanchira Sri Ibrahim Khan, Sri K L Mohana Varma-Sri B R Ajit and Swami Adhyatmananda saraswati. Sevaral other events like paper bag making, umbrella making etc are also being organised. We also organized at BIFIRD, Vyttila ,lectures by eminent personalities like Sri Harhara Iyer, Prof Mavelikara Subramaniam on Sangeetha-Mokshamargam, Sri E H Gopalakrishnan on Zen Buddhism and an interschool debate with participation from various schools across Kerala, and ghazal concert by Kerala Kharana.


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  • Shiva Shakti Ishta Siddhi Samashti Archana, in Cochin, on 19 February 2017

  • In line with the event organised in 1995 and 2005, Bodhananda Sruti Seva Trust, Cochin, will organize a mega spiritual event:THE SIVA SAKTHI ISHTA SIDDHI SAMASHTI ARCHANA - on 19th February 2017 at Ernakulathappan Ground. An organizing committee with Retd Justice Sri V P Ramakrishna Pillai as Chairman, Sri B R Ajit as President and Sri M V Padmakumar as General Convenor has been formed and has started work in full swing. We also propose to organize 5 Poojas (Ashtadravya Ganapathy Homam, Navagraha Homam, Sreechakra Homam, Anjaneya Homam and Sree Mahalakshmi Pooja) at different centres in Ernakulam this year as part of the Siva Sakthi Archana. For more info contact Sri PS Radhakrishnan @ 8129837821

  • 25 Years of Bodhananda Seva Society, Trivandrum

  • Bodhananda Seva Society, completed 25 years of spiritual service in 2016, guided and inspired by its propounder and Paramacharya Swami Bodhananda.  BSS celebrated its Silver Jubilee from 2015-2016 with various programmes. Year-long events were organised as part of the silver jubilee celebrations. The celebration was officially inaugurated on July 11, 2015.

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    Visionary Leadership

    • It is Gurudev's vision and inspiring spiritual guidance that gave rise to the idea of 'Bodhananda Research Foundation for Management and Leadership Studies' in 1988, to foster human potential development, and to develop leadership through dialogue, in management. BRF-ML was formally registered as a Trust in 1995.

      Swami Bodhananda is the spiritual guidance and inspiration for Sambodh and its sister institutions in India, North America and the rest of the world. Programs and projects for the study and propagation of Vedantic Scriptures, research on Indian management and contextulaising it in the contemporary economic and geopolitical context, ashrams to set our minds high and meditate in unison with the harmony of mother nature, living with nature, social service activities for the minorities and underprivileged - all these are blooms of His divine vision flowing through His devotees and associates in different parts of the world.

    • Apart from His erudition in Vedantic texts, Swami Bodhananda is a well known management guru.. He is an avid reader and is well-versed with the contemporary challenges that the corporate leadership and corporate management face. The Gita and ManagementSwami Bodhananda is the author of several books: His latest book is Indian Management and Leadership. Other books include The Gita and Management; Meditation: The Awakening of Inner Powers; Happiness Unlimited; Seven Hindu Spiritual Laws; and, Management and Mahabharata. He has also authored two conversation-styled books, one with a scholar of consciousness studies in India, and the other with a young Indian-American lawyer in the United States. These books are “Dialogues: Philosopher meets Seer” (2001) and “Irreverent Spiritual Questions” (2004).

    • The range of topics Swami Bodhananda addresses extends from human potential development, managerial excellence and leadership studies to the experience of "absolute peace in the midst of dynamic activity". Here are selections from, the papers and thoughts He has written at various occasions; Travelogues; Thematic Notes; correspondence and discussions between Gurudev and His devotees through letters and meetings, public interviews and media reports; Messages that Gurudev writes on occasions of spiritual and cultural importance. READ MORE